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A global conversation. Unlocked and at your fingertips.

A simple, beautiful way to tap into a global conversation, Hash offers a unique summary of the most popular stories of the day. Offering a fluid, agenda-free round-up of global events, Hash aggregates popular tweets about topical headlines – meaning for the very first time, non-Twitter users can access the top trending stories worldwide. Hash explores the future of news – an intelligent, personalised and non-biased news briefing, delivered how and when you choose.

“Hash is an interesting take on what Twitter's logged-out experience could eventually look like.” Wall Street Journal



A property and loans app that’s anything but boring.   

In early 2015 the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) needed a mobile app for the most lucrative area of its offering – the property and loans market. By embedding a JM team within CBA’s Sydney office, we were able to extract vital industry expertise – developing the strategy and global vision for an app that’s considered groundbreaking in its field.



A home for Australia’s most promising startups. 

At the start of 2016 we decided to lend a hand to Australia’s booming startup culture, by creating the go-to place for the very best in new Australian tech. Featuring a clean and simple design, Vest continues our work in human algorithms – surfacing the startups generating the most buzz around the web. With a single-minded focus our home country, Vest highlights the ideas that are putting Australia on the map, making us leaders in our fields, and driving economical and cultural growth.

“If you already think start-ups are over-hyped, be warned: they now have their own Top 40 pop chart.” AFR



A world made of music. Stories told in song.

Uniting a globally fragmented conversation, Undrtone is a fresh take on music discovery. Built on a universal player that harnesses the leading streaming services and in turn creates one of the world’s largest catalogues, Undrtone is a community centred entirely on music. A never-ending stream of sounds curated for and by the user, Undertone lets people find and share tunes with their friends, as well as find and follow artists and tastemakers they love.

“One of the best things to happen to music streaming.” Download This Show



The original social network. Reimagined for a new generation.

When Myspace was bought by Justin Timberlake and Specific Media in 2011, Josephmark was called upon to lead the full, ground-up redesign of the product. As the original social network, Myspace had a special place in the hearts of the online community the world over. Upon launch the new Myspace received global applause for its revolutionary design and interaction.

“MySpace 2.0 looks sleek, shiny and fresh.” Huffington Post

Digital Latin America


Take a journey through Latin America.

JM was invited to join Carlos Slim’s Digital Latin America (DLA) in helping to reimagine the future of online content consumption within Latin America. Using the market reach of DLA’s parent company América Móvil we created a new benchmark for video-on-demand, with discovery and user experience uniquely framed for Latin American culture.



Shining a light on global, ethical design.

Back in 2010, Josephmark founded .W with a belief in the power of a good idea. It’s a space for us to shine a light on creativity we’re inspired by – design that’s educational, eco-friendly or not-for-profit. Design that’s independent, innovative or community-driven. And design that’s always – always – produced with ethics and integrity.



Because motion can move mountains.

In 2010 Josephmark co-founded motion design studio Breeder – now an internationally-recognised frontrunner in its field, producing award-winning work for a slew of high-profile clients including Sony Music, HBO, Syfy and Myspace.

We Are Hunted


Adventures in music discovery start with a single note.

In 2009 Josephmark co-founded and designed We Are Hunted – a new way to discover music based on what people liked, rather than what they were buying. It was a labour of love and an adventure in both music discovery and social algorithms, and Hunted was acquired by Twitter in 2012.

“We Are Hunted is revolutionizing the way we discover new music.” The Next Web



Physically keep in contact.

Imagine if you could let your other half know you’re thinking of them with a simple squeeze. Venn is a wearable tech bracelet that lets you subtly reach your favourite person, wherever they are in the world. Currently in beta, Venn transmits warmth, a light squeeze or a gentle vibration that lets your significant other instantly know you’re thinking of them.

“I’ve always wanted to touch my fans… without the restraining orders.” America’s Greatest Makers



It came to life on Sorry Day.

In 2008 Josephmark co-founded Gilimbaa – a creative agency that helps noted organisations express their Australian roots and do vital work to aid communication with indigenous Australians. Gilimbaa has gone on to be recognised on a global platform for its important, culturally-sensitive contribution, working with clients including the United Nations, G20, BBC, the Australian Government and Qantas.



Imagine the thrill. The terror. The life-affirming rush. Now imagine all that in one place.

Harnessing the potential of the adrenaline sports market, Airsickness is a community-driven platform for people who push themselves to their limits. Combining a comprehensive database of the very best spots with real-time performance recording and a rich, 3D mapping experience, Airsickness offers a unique opportunity for enthusiasts to record, share and progress in their respective passions. Airsickness is underpinned by the relationship between the users, their brands and locations – all interlinked to produce a new form of content in a constantly evolving experience.

A lot of our work is in progress or under NDA. To request to see more or if you’d like to create something together, email love@josephmark.com.au.